Best Fiction of the First Half of 2017

There are so many books out there it is hard to know what to read!  I want to share my favorite book from the first half of this year.

Now, if you do not like life drama, or if you don't like to cry you probably won't like this one.  I recommend it either way ;)

So here it is...

I listened to this on audio.  The narrator is fantastic and Parvaneh is my favorite character.

As I listened I found myself laughing out loud and then on the verge of tears.  Fredrik Backman has a way of making his writing seem simplistic in style but it is dripping with emotion.  I think he is a very deliberate author and I loved every word. 

The story had me on the edge of tears the whole time, you know that moment when you are JUST about to cry?  That is where he holds you.  Then he pulls you back and suddenly you are laughing!

It is like teasing, only with your emotions!

Then at the end you finally get to let all the waterworks go!  I was walking my dogs when I got to the end and I'm walking around my neighborhood like a crazy woman sobbing openly!  To the point even my dogs looked embarrassed!  

This is, so far... my favorite fiction of the first half of 2017!

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Happy Reading!