Q3 Recording

Our Third Quarter book is The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

Friends and guests Marianne and Kayla joined me in discussing this book!

Same setup as Q2!  The first episode was in my living room and as I very much enjoyed my cozy couch set up there was minimal room for the lights and once the audio board came in just didn't have the space!

p.s. my guest chairs are more comfortable than my "throne" ;)

Kayla (left) and Marianne (right) were great guests!  I won't spoil anything, however, we all agreed that this book needs to be better known!  We all loved the writing and discussing it is tougher than we thought!  There are definite trigger warnings so read the description before picking it up!  

For the first time we ran the gamut of book consuming options!  We discuss each of these types and their benefits.

What do you prefer?  A tradition physical book, eReader, audiobook or a combination?

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